Brownsboro Blueberry Green Tea

BROWNSBORO, home of one of the largest commercial blueberry farms in Texas. It was settled in 1849 by John (Red) Brown, who operated a toll bridge across Kickapoo Creek on the road to Jordan’s Saline and Tyler. By 1860 Henry Cade had erected a sawmill and a cotton gin. With the construction of the St. Louis Southwestern Railway through the county in 1880, the town moved to the railroad. In 1885 Brownsboro had six general stores and a population of 100. In 1989 the population was 710. In 1990 it was 545. The population grew to 796 in 2000.

Ingredients: Brewed Organic Green Tea (Water+ Tea), Pure Cane Sugar, Brownsboro Blueberries, Natural Blueberry Flavoring and Malic Acid.

12 bottles/case, $18.99 plus shipping